One MWh storage system for a mini grid in Uganda

Safety first at 1 MWh storage system for a mini grid in Uganda

by Ankur Agarwal, India (PPRE 2008/10)

Safety First

I was recently called upon a remote island in Uganda, to help installation and commissioning of an approximately 1 MWh storage system for a mini grid. One of the batteries needed removal of excess electrolyte and the customer couldn't find their old safety glasses and we were too remote to get new ones. So we improvised in local style! Getting the work done safely while also bringing some laughs to a stressed crew. The installation was completed satisfactorily. Importantly, the mini grid was kept operational the entire time without a shutdown by isolating the storage system intelligently. It was interesting to see the mini grid operator being extremely happy about no downtime despite being the only source of electricity to the customers. The mini grid serves over 2500 happy households!


Ankur works as an independent technical consultant in Munich, Germany, helping companies with design, engineering, analysis and supervision of solar and solar-diesel-storage hybrid power plants including mini grids and off grid systems.

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