Solarpark Fliegerhorst Oldenburg Excursion

Solarpark Fliegerhorst Oldenburg Excursion

by Charles Bridgen, Australia (EUREC 2017/18)

Here is a small summary of our trip on Saturday afternoon, with attached pictures. Many thanks for making it happen, very much appreciated.

"Oh, what a trip!!” A motley crew of like-minded yet eclectic group of students with a greatly knowledgeable and patient captain, lecturer Hans Holtorf, leading from the front. We set out on our bicycles from Wechloy campus around 14:30 on Saturday, 25th of November, 2017. Our destination was the abandoned airfield in Brokhausen/Oldenburg, roughly five kilometres away that has been converted into 2 large Solar PV power farms. 14kWp installed capacity on the Oldenburg side, 20kWp on Ammerland side - plenty of insightful anecdotes and a very willing Aussie cameraman made for a very informative and enjoyable afternoon for all."


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