Gatherings around the world of PPRE alumni

Gatherings around the world of PPRE alumni

Gatherings around the world of PPRE alumni

PPRE Gathering at Intersolar 2018 in Munich

by Luis Daniel Rivera, Mexico (PPRE 2015-17)

Every year, the Intersolar Europe Exhibition attracts some of the most important companies in the solar industry worldwide, so they present their products and projects in Munich, Germany. This year, 2018, was no exception. A few PPRE alumni decided to use this chance and get together. While some of them live and work in Munich and surroundings, others travelled from far away to attend the event. The meeting point was at the entrance of one of the exhibition halls at 1 pm, on Thursday the 21st of June. After a few minutes talk, half of them went back to the exhibition, while the other half headed to a nearby commercial complex to have a lunch break among good PPRE company.

From left to right: M. Mamdouh Elkadragy, Egypt (PPRE 12/14) – Scientist at KIT; Ankur Agarwal; India (PPRE 2008/10) - RE Consultant; Mariana Vaz Sigoli, Brazil (PPRE 2016/18) - Siemens AG; M. Adnan Shihab, Bangladesh (PPRE 2015/17), U Oldenburg; Varun Gaur; India (PPRE 2011/13) - Virtual Power Plants, energy-meteo-systems GmbH; Mahfuz Rahman; Bangladesh (2013/15) - Sr. Advisor, GIZ Bangladesh; Luis Rivera, Mexico (2015/17) – U Oldenburg; Bertha Abdu Danja, Nigeria (PPRE 1992/93) - Head of Chemical Sciences Dept., Univ. of Kashere Gombe, Nigeria

ANSA e.V. Conference 2018 "Social Entrepreneurship" in Halle (Saale), 5-7th October 2018

by Kshitij Goyal, India (PPRE 2016-2018)

After a tiring week of analysing and interpreting the data, that Friday feeling was different this time. I was invited as a participant to join the conference over the weekend to discuss the concept of Social Entrepreneurship and its importance with increased critique of capitalism and development aid.

The seminar was hosted by the Alumni Network Sub-Saharan Africa (ANSA e.V.), an association which acts as a bridge-builder between African and German stakeholders. The aim is to further inter- and trans-cultural exchange between Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. Meanwhile, also to strengthen the exchange across disciplines – e.g. between the humanities and natural sciences. Considering that ANSA conference participants consist of students, recent graduates and young professionals from Germany and Sub Sahara Africa, the conference aims at exploring some fundamental questions about Social Entrepreneurship and connecting these to larger issues in the realm of Europe-Africa relations. This gives an opportunity to learn from and with each other in presentations, workshops and culinary events. Personally, I believe that young Africa hold immense untapped potential and social entrepreneurship is an essential piece of puzzle to improve job prospects and promote economic growth in the continent.

The conference begins with a joint cultural activity (Guided Tour) on Friday evening where the participants explore the city of Halle in the footsteps of Martin Luther. On Saturday morning the formal part of the conference begins with welcoming speech from Prof. Dr. Peter Imming, Insitute of Pharmacy, Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. The conference proceeds with the keynote presentation by Mr. Tobias Kandel on the Project “Brücken bauen mit der Sonne”, which personally was quite interesting as they are involved in EPCs of Mini and Micro Grids in Africa with an aim of capacity building in the region.

The next session was "Participant Presentations" where students, researchers, academicians, entrepreneurs and professionals present their works and projects on the topics ranging from Entrepreneurial activities in developing countries to Biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence. The day was called off and everyone joins for some African dinner (Plantains were my favourite). This also gave the chance to do some networking with the students from all over Germany.

The second day commence with the key note presentation on "Building bridges across continents: Instrumentalising transnationals for social enterprise development in Africa". The day followed with some more interesting "Participant Presentations" on wide variety of subjects and topics. A fellow PPRE colleague Mohamed Fatuma (PPRE 2016/18) also conferred her recent work on the topic "Energy Access and peer to peer energy trading in Sub-Saharan Africa". The presentation really intrigued me specially the work done in developing a block chain based transactive energy platform that will allow consumers to perform peer to peer energy trading.

The conference also come up as PPRE reunion as two PPRE alumni also attended the conference where we had the opportunity to meet and share the experiences during the PPRE and beyond. I would like to thank ANSA for giving me the opportunity to participate and all the distinguished speakers to share their knowledge. The organizers were well structured (what you would expect in Germany!). I left the conference with a thought “What is your hands to make a difference in the world?”.

Note: Membership to ANSA e.V. is open to everyone who was funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) or PROMOS to study, research or complete an internship in a country of Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as current or former DAAD-scholarship holders from Sub-Saharan countries. Other individuals can also be granted membership in justified cases. Log on or write to for further details and the team will be happy to answer your queries.

From left to right: Kshitij Goyal PPRE 16/18, Nelmeen Abdelnour PPRE 14/16, Ankur Agarwal PPRE 08/10, Mohamed Fatuma PPRE 16/18

PPRE-Alumni meeting at International Conference on Solar Technologies & Hybrid Mini Grids to improve energy access, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

October 2018

PPRE generations meet–up in Palma de Mallorca (fr. left): Seth Agbeve Mahu, Ghana (PPRE 2005-07) – Ministry of Energy in Ghana, Mamdouh Elkadragy, Egypt (PPRE 2012-14) – KIT in Karlsruhe and Dipta Majumder, Bangladesh (PPRE 2016-18) – INENSUS GmbH in Goslar

Meet-up at Alliance for Clean Cooking in Accra, Ghana

October 2016

Mr. Wisdom A. Togobo, Ghana (PPRE 1997/98) representing the Ministry of Energy in Ghana met Ms. Hiwote Teshome, Ethiopia (PPRE 1996-97) representing SNV-Ethiopia during the Ghana Alliance for Clean Cooking in Accra, Ghana.

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