Guest Researcher Dr. Asliddin Komilov, Uzbekistan (PPRE 2001/02) at PPRE

Guest Researcher Dr. Asliddin Komilov, Uzbekistan (PPRE 2001/02) at PPRE

by Dr. Asliddin Komilov, Uzbekistan (PPRE 2001/02) 

My name is Asliddin Komilov, I come from Uzbekistan and I am a PPRE alumni from 2002. I have 13 years of experience teaching power engineering, including renewable energy sources and technologies. My research interests are so far: Photovoltaic and thermal conversion of solar energy, Power systems based on PV, Modeling of thermodynamic processes.

I have a PhD degree in technical sciences (RE sources and technologies) and work as the deputy director of a research institute called Physical-technical institute of the Academy of Science of Uzbekistan (

By kind invitation of the PPRE, I am having a 3-month visit/internship at the University of Oldenburg from October to December 2018.



The internship is aimed on developing a scientific and educational concept for the development of renewable energy sources. The main focus is to learn the experience of Germany (UOL) on:

1.     Training specialists in the direction of renewable energy sources and technologies;

2.     Research of thin-film PV based on CIGS and CZTS and their manufacturing technologies for subsequent implementation in Uzbekistan

3.     Research in the field of renewable energy systems:

  • System integration and energy management in a smart home, smart city and smart network
  • Simulation of electrical networks and energy systems
  • Technology assessment    

During my visit I will be sitting in the Energielabor and will gladly participate in any events/discussions/meetings on the subjects of RE.

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