Tag der Energiewende – Day of Energy Transition

Tag der Energiewende – Day of Energy Transition

by Dr. Herena Torio, Spain (PPRE 2005-07)

The "Day of the Energy Transition" took place on the 8th of June at the Schlaues Haus in the Oldenburg city center. It was organized as an information and exchange platform between the DLR Institute of Networked Energy Systems, the University of Oldenburg and the Oldenburg civil society. As part of that, PPRE organized a workshop on the "Energy Transition in the Transport Sector of Oldenburg". After a couple of inspiring impulse speeches, a vivid discussion with participants took place. Options and ideas for fostering bike transport within the city, such as weather dependent traffic lights for bikers or bike speedways were shared and discussed. If only the city would implement them to bring the bike culture in Oldenburg to the forefront of Germany!

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