HelioRec: The floating solar power plant based on recycled plastic

HelioRec: The floating solar power plant based on recycled plastic

HelioRec: The floating solar power plant based on recycled plastic

by Polina Vasilenko, Russia (EUREC 2016-17)

HelioRec is a clean energy company providing a multifaceted solution for solar-based power generation and plastic recycling. With commitment and passion, the company is developing a floating solar power plant which can be successfully implemented in the countries with:

  • High density of population and consequently lack of land space;
  • High concentration of GHG emissions; and
  • Large amount of mismanaged plastic wastes.

HelioRec’s team believes that all the efforts should be primarily focused on the Asian countries since they are the biggest players and contributors to the ecological problems, such as global warming and plastic pollution.

HelioRec is an innovative company and does not have any direct competitors yet. Our unique multi-faceted solution addresses these three global problems at once: land scarcity due to fast population growth, GHG emissions and mismanaged plastic waste. Our mission is to provide clean energy while reducing GHG emissions and plastic waste in highly populated countries. This idea has attracted a team of enthusiastic international experts (10 people) with diverse backgrounds, each committed to developing this project and bringing it to life using their own time and donating their expertise.

The First Awards

The “HelioRec” project was largely exhibited during the ISES 2018 event hosted in Germany and generated a great deal of attention among the organizers and participants. The project’s innovative approach and practical potential was highly evaluated by jury commission and was selected as the winner of “Best Poster” award out of total 35 posters-project presented. This achievement certainly gives a great stimulus to take the project to next level and fosters its implementation prospects.

We are ready to be accelerated

HelioRec is the new company at the early stage of the development and to be able to grow fast and efficient, Founder and CEO (Polina Vasilenko) decided to apply to accelerator programs (incubators) in Europe and China. HelioRec was accepted by two incubators Schoolab and Entrepreneur First, and we got access to the “silicon valley” in France - the Station F where we can easily to find proper contacts for the business growth and the technical experts.

And in the same time HelioRec approved by CIMC RAFFLES OFFSHORE Ltd. for the participation of 6-month “incubator” program in “100 Entrepreneurship Plan” to be able effectively develop business in Asia (more information here).

Technical Concept and Design

Many concepts of the floaters and auxiliaries were tested and reviewed during the long time. The best one was found by WavEC company and their talented engineers. This company has 15 years’ experience with offshore operations and its mission to develop offshore renewable energy through the creation and transfer of knowledge, innovation and dissemination. We are looking forward to work together.

The essential part of our collaboration is the trust and transparent relationships. Polina Vasilenko (Founder of HelioRec) conducted her specialization – ocean energy in Portugal in 2017, and the most lectures were performed by Wavec’s team and it gave a big impact on the HelioRec’s concept and general idea about the World.

Social Activities

Since the global population is continuously growing, it is necessary to counteract the negative environmental impacts as fast as we can. Towards this aim, the company will perform social activities, such as increasing awareness about plastic pollution, changing mentality and consumption behaviour and use our scientific and industry knowledge to affect wide-spread public policy changes in the favour of improving life conditions and our environment.

We already started to work toward this direction. The social-environmental project in Brazil consists of three parts:

  1. Giving a “Lecture” about the global plastic and its pollution problems. The main purpose of this part is to make participants aware of the damages of plastic pollution and how they can reduce the impacts, with simple changes in their daily life. PPRE Alumni Adriana Coppola helped for the lecture preparation.
  2. “Zero plastic week” campaign. The idea is to compare the volume of plastic accumulated during the normal consumption and “zero plastic week” when we are trying to avoid the plastic as much as possible. This comparison allows us to be more conscious and in the same time to find which products using plastic packaging are impossible to avoid.
  3. “Replacing” the one-time used plastic cups by eco-friendly mugs in university cafeteria.

The “Lecture” was given at the Federal Institute of Southern Minas (IFSULDEMINAS), in Brazil ( read more  here). It is the first international cooperation between IFSULDEMINAS and HelioRec.

All the preparations were made in the university by the great help from Gabriela Belinato (Professor of Physics), Luis Frederico Motta (Professor of Chemistry), Lucy Mirian Campos Tavares Nascimento (Professor of Biology) and Vlander Verdade Signoretti (Professor of Geography).

More than 300 students participated the “Lecture” and every participant enjoyed the event. We are looking to expand our social-environmental activities as much as we can in Brazil and other countries.

Read the report in Portuguese here



We have very ambitious plans and we know that we can save the planet! Together!

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