2019 Intersolar Conference and Exhibition

2019 Intersolar Conference and Exhibition

2019 Intersolar Conference and Exhibition

attended by Chioma Obiakor, Gloria Darko Esinam, Jiope Herman (all PPRE 2018-20)

The conference was attended on 15th May 2019 with the aim of:

  • Gaining knowledge on recent developments in photovoltaics, Solar thermal technologies, solar power plants as well as products and solutions for the integration of renewable energy systems.
  • Seeking opportunities for internships and master’s thesis
  • Interacting with PPRE Alumni about their experience after PPRE
  • Get in contact with the companies involved in the solar market in Africa and especially in our respective countries.

We commenced the day with PPRE Alumni Meeting, followed by company visits and conference sections.

The PPRE Alumni meeting at 2019 Intersolar came off at Phaesun booth at 10:00 am to 10:30, when current PPRE-Students met Mohammed M.L Elkadragy (KIT) - PPRE 2012-14, who shared his experience after school and there were discussions on how to develop career opportunities through networking. Since only one Alumni was present, we decided to visit the others at their booth who might not have made it to the meeting during the company visits.  During this period, we visited and interacted with Roy Emmerich (Ferntech GmbH) – EUREC 2008-09 and Mariana Sigoli (Siemens AG) - PPRE 2014-16. They shared their experiences and made inputs on how and where we could seek for internships and master’s thesis as well. We then continued to other companies to interact with them as well.

We had the privilege to hear from experts and researchers in the field of solar energy during the off- grid power conference. Presentations from this conference includes solar cooling for agriculture, solar ice maker project for fishing and battery storage. Among others we also joined the  presentation from a Mohammed M.L Elkadragy on ‘Off-grid Hybrid Systems (OHRES) for contrastive Remote Communities in Uganda and Canada during this section.

In conclusion, Intersolar 2019 presented us with the need to build effective networking for career development, exposure to new technologies, contacts with companies planning or implementing solar projects in Africa and home countries and research areas in the solar energy industry which could be taken up as masters thesis topics.

Our appreciation goes to Hans Gerhard Holtorf (Phd) for his support in our participation in the Intersolar conference 2019.

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