CIM RE-Integration Seminar for India, Nepal & Georgia

CIM RE-Integration Seminar for India, Nepal & Georgia

CIM RE-Integration Seminar for India, Nepal & Georgia

by Apoorva Satpathy, India (EUREC 2016/17) & Bhawana Neupane, Nepal (PPRE 2017/19)

With the motto ‘One Person can make a difference’, the Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM) has been providing a combination of development and labour market policy expertise since 1980. It is jointly run by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the German Federal Employment Agency (ZAV).

To support the students in development sector from Georgia, India and Nepal, who wish to return to their country of origin to implement their knowledge and skills acquired in Germany, a workshop was held in Bonn from 1-3 March 2019 like every year. Apart from a common presentation on the working areas of CIM, each country had its own CIM mentor presentation. They highlighted the state of art in the country and ended with one-to-one session with the participants.

I, Apoorva Satpathy (EUREC 2016-17), along with Bhawana Neupane and Ashutosh Agarwal (PPRE 2017-2019), were selected to attend the workshop this year along with around 50 other students from all over the country. The accommodation was arranged by the organisation in the heart of the city and both travel and accommodation were sponsored by them for the whole duration for all of us. Ms. Richa Arora and Ms. Pasma Dahal were the mentors for Indian & Nepalese students respectively from GIZ who organized a small group work separately where the respective participants were asked to present their thoughts on challenges and areas of opportunities if one returns to his/her own country. Afterwards, they presented the status of some diaspora experts as well as the sectors in demand. Presentations from the returning experts who were benefitted by CIM’s support were also made for endorsements. We even had a chance to get a personal consultation from our mentors. At the end of the workshop, the representatives of ZAV presented about the job market in Germany and how they help in finding opportunities via CIM’s support schemes. It was followed by a networking session to enable everyone meet and exchange thoughts, ideas and opportunities among each other.

The ‘Country Seminar’ organised by CIM was a very informative and interactive workshop. The sessions were made to capture each window of the development sector. Each session encouraged us to build ourselves in our own stream of expertise to deliver the best in our developing nations where it is needed the most now. We would like to thank Edu and the PPRE Alumni Group to share the information about this workshop and to enable us to be a part of it.  

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