Women4Energy Conference

Women4Energy Conference

Women4Energy Conference

by Bhawana Neupane , Stefany Villacis, Tarikua M. Zenebe (PPRE 2017-19) and Chioma Obiakor (PPRE 2018-20)

The 6th International Women4Energy Conference took place on 7th December 2018 in Stuttgart. The focus of the conference was on Energy in smart Cities. We attended the conference with the desire to widen our knowledge and gain experience on recent research and developments in the renewable energy sector. The conference was divided in to three sessions: Plenary session, parallel session and networking.

The Plenary session began with the opening speech from Mr. Bernd Finger representing the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts, Baden Württemberg. The brief history of Women4Energy network was well-presented by Dr. Petra Püchner who is also the head of the successful project “Oneplanet”. Apart from that, best practice from a Danish project “The Smart Way to the Big Zero” and experiences from China on “Sustainable Energy Plan for Cities” were highlighted. This session ended with an effective panel discussion.

Different researches conducted by women researchers were also showcased in three parallel sessions; Sustainable Energy Production, Energy Efficient Buildings in Smart Cities – New Trends and Urban Energy Solutions  . Polina Vasilenko, an ex-PPRE student and the founder and CEO of HelioRec presented on the topic “The Floating Solar Power Plant” in the first parallel session.   

Another important highlight of the event was the networking session, which consists of individual meetings amongst the participants based on their topics of interest.

In overall, the conference was a good opportunity for brainstorming new research ideas which could also be developed as a master thesis. Additionally, the professional success of the presenters gave us an idea on how to overcome the challenges that we will face especially as a woman in the field of energy. We also had the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Stuttgart, Germany.

We wish to express our sincerely gratitude to Hans Gerhard Holtorf (PHD) and Studienqualitätsmitteln (SQM) for their assistance and sponsorship towards attending the Conference.

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