6th International Women4Energy Conference, Stuttgart, Germany

6th International Women4Energy Conference, Stuttgart, Germany

by Edu Knagge (PPRE 1990/91)

Polina Vasilenko, Russia (EUREC 2016-17) participated in the 6th International Women4Energy Conference, which took place on 7th of December 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany. As CEO from HelioREC she talked about challenges and solutions, advantages and values and the global market size of the floating solar industry.

During the conference Polina met Amjad Ayoubi, Syria (EUREC 2011/12) and Mohamed Abdelrazik, Egypt (PPRE 2012-14), both living and working in Stuttgart and promised to support Polina with her Heliorec project.

Additionally she was introduced to four current PPRE-Students from University of Oldenburg, namely: Bhawana from Nepal, Stefany from Ecuador and Tarikua from Ethiopia (all PPRE 2017-19) and Chioma from Nigeria (PPRE 2018-20), who also participated in the conference.

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