Alumni gatherings in Berlin – PPRE/EUREC Stammtisch

Alumni gatherings in Berlin – PPRE/EUREC Stammtisch

by Hans Holtorf (PPRE 1988/89)

On November 5th, 2018 a few of the PPRE Alumni currently residing in Berlin met for a dinner.

Hans Holtorf (PPRE 1988/89) would highly recommend such meetings in the different places where PPREs are located as we had a great evening full of laughter, (PPRE related) anecdotes, work experience and some personal exchange.

From left to right: Craig (2007/09), Hans (1988/89), Boon (2004/05), Fatuma (2016/18) Leonie (PPRE students' pivot and anchor 2010-14) and Koen (currently EUREC). Photo Credit: Hans Holtorf

Another Alumni gathering was organized by Nuran Pinar Sahin (PPRE 2011-13) on  28th of February 2019. Overall some 10 former participants of the PPRE or EUREC programme in Oldenburg enjoyed a decent dinner and shared nice memories. In future more frequent alumni gathering are planned, next one end of May 2019 with a guided tour through a battery storage and renewable energy related campus (EUREF-Campus).

From left to right: Vinodh Ramesh (EUREC 2010-11)); Boon Jin (PPRE 2004-06); Burak Turker (PPRE 2006-08); Eva-Maria Ernst (PPRE2012-14.); Sarah Klähne (PPRE 2014-16); Nuran Sahin, Ali Fatuma (PPRE 2016-18); Bernhard Gläser (PPRE 1999-2000); wife and kid fr. Vinodh (Mauricio Rojas (PPRE 2005-07) not in the pic.)

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