The Inaugural PPRE Grünkohl Tour

The Inaugural PPRE Grünkohl Tour

The Inaugural PPRE Grünkohl Tour April 2019

By Charles Brigden, Australia (EUREC 17/18) and Olga Belenda Álvarez, Spain (PPRE 2017/19)

Fantastic day had by all. A fantastic northern German tradition given an international twist, as are most things concerning the PPRE program, combined with a 19deg sunny Saturday on April 6 (global warming at its finest) made for an unforgettable day, once the hangovers had subsided.

We started at the Energy Lab at 3 pm, the entry price was a 6 pack of beer or fizzy drink and 5 €. We split into four teams of five people each and were on our way. That is we moved on after the first of our games, a drinking game called a boat race that sees the teams lined up against each other and in a relay format, needing to finish their cups before the other team. The losing team pushed the ‘Bollerwagen’ to begin with. Moving our way slowly, very slowly towards Waldsee lake, we stopped for many other games including a running race but with your team tied together in a circle, tug-of-war, singing songs that your team needed to guess with a raw egg in your mouth, the spaghetti into a noodle game and plenty more. All the time the schnapps were flowing and the music pumping. Many thanks to Adrian for providing his work places ‘Bollerwagen’ that came with lights, speaker and a megaphone included. We ended up at the Energy Lab at 7 pm where an amazing array of pizzas were waiting for us and the Latin music was cranked up so the dancing lasted long into the night.

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