Re-inventing Small Scale Biogas Systems

Re-inventing Small Scale Biogas Systems

Re-inventing Small Scale Biogas Systems

by Henry Wasajja, Uganda (EUREC 2010/11), PhD Candidate, Faculty of Civil Engineering/3Me, TU Delft, The Netherlands

Topic: Biogas-Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Energy System For Rural Energy Supply.

Abstract: Biomass is the major source of household energy in many tropical countries. It contributes over a third of primary energy in most developing countries and is predominantly used in rural households for cooking and water heating, as well as small scale industries. A Biogas-SOFC system is an envision system which will efficiently meet the electrical energy demands of the rural population with potential to improve on sanitation and agricultural sector which is the major economic activity of many tropical countries. The major goal of the research is to design an efficient and cost effective electricity production system from biogas on small scale (off grid system) for rural areas in developing countries, with the view of making it competitive with other technologies like solar and diesel Generators which are currently being used as main source of off grid energy supply.

The research focuses on the Techno-Economic Evaluation of Biogas systems and Fuel Cell Energy system with a view of finding out the most efficient and economical way of system integration.


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