Micro-hydro project using municipal waste water as the source

Micro-hydro project using municipal waste water as the source

Micro-hydro project using municipal waste water as the source

by Marty Paradine, Canada (PPRE 2008-10)

In Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada, the City pumps fresh water from wells drilled adjacent to the Peace River at the bottom of the Peace River Valley.  An enormous amount of energy is needed to pump this water up 200+ meters to the City's water treatment plant.  Consequently, after this water is distributed and used within the City, it returns back to the same river as treated effluent.  The Micro-hydro Project looked to utilize the potential and kinetic energy available in this treated effluent as it travels back down the valley to the river.  The electricity generated from this turbine installation helps offset the City's pumping and related electricity costs.  The included info-graphic succinctly outlines the details of this rare small-scale hydro project in Canada.

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Short Personal Resume from Martin:

I have worked in the mining, oil and gas industries as an engineer and operations manager, before moving into my area of passion - sustainability and the built environment. I then acted as an energy consultant and have worked for the past eight years in municipal/local government: Fort St. John, BC as a Sustainability Manager and in Valleyview, Alberta as a Chief Administrative Officer (Town Manager).  In these capacities, I championed the Fort St. John Micro-hydro Project and the building of the new Municipal Office/Hall to Passive House Plus in Valleyview.  I am currently a College Professor at the Okanagan College in the Sustainable Construction Management Program.  I hold an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science in Renewable Energy (PPRE), Master of Science in Business Administration and a Certified Energy Manager accreditation.  At the present, I am working towards finalizing the National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration Level II.

Contact: mdparadine@gmail.com

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