On the Importance of Education When Implementing Renewable Energy

On the Importance of Education When Implementing Renewable Energy

by Lars Broman, Sweden (Vice Chancellor and Professor of Physics at Strömstad Academy, Sweden)

Third Party article with references to PPRE


The twelfth International Symposium on Renewable Energy Education ISREE was held in Strömstad, Sweden on 19-22 June 2017, twelve years after the eleventh ISREE. The re-started series of ISREE symposiums marks a renewed understanding that education is a vital part of implementation of renewable energy. Renewable energy education could gain by including aspects of revolution, evolution, enrichment and provocation of established educational approaches. It is important to identify important target groups regarding renewable energy education. This is discussed in the present paper. Furthermore, good methods are presented. It is important to understand that implementation of renewable energy is more than pure technology. We therefore suggest that it would be fruitful to make a "quantum jump" in renewable energy education: from "hard" discourses as science, technology and mathematics to more "soft" discourses like sociology of science, psychology and educational neuroscience.

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