Shifting Gears: A Passive House Car Dealership in the Making

Shifting Gears: A Passive House Car Dealership in the Making

Shifting Gears: A Passive House Car Dealership in the Making

by Andrew Peel, Canada (PPRE 2007/09) - Peel Passive House Consulting -


Garrett Scott, Owner and Chief Operating Officer, sought a low impact building that would support his growing business.  He readily admits that he’s not an avid environmentalist but recognizes the myriad benefits of constructing to the Passive House Building Standard.  “I think building smarter and showing that these retail facilities can be structured in a way that they’re still functional for a retail presence and also able to accommodate a nicer work environment for the teams that are inside of them and not to mention the customers as well. We hope the long-term benefits will help inspire others to possibly build similar type structures.”

This isn’t the first environmental building initiative Subaru has undertaken.  Its Indiana automotive assembly plant is the first zero-landfill factory in the US.  Scott was inspired by this project in deciding to pursue Passive House certification on his building.

Setting the Standard

Most, if not all, large car manufacturers have strict corporate standards regarding aesthetics, layout, and service requirements.  Subaru is no exception to these.  Adding to these baseline requirements were specific client requirements. Chief among these was that any decisions made in pursuit of Passive House certification were not permitted to compromise customer or vehicle service at all.  An additional major factor impacting the design was the local winter design temperature of -20oF (-29oC).   Navigating these requirements proved challenging and demanded the best of the whole design and construction teams. 

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