Heliorec at ‘325 Talents’ competition in Hangzhou, China

Heliorec at ‘325 Talents’ competition in Hangzhou, China

by Polina Vasilenko, Russia (EUREC 2016/17)

HelioRec (, a start-up established by EUREC-graduate Polina Vasilenko, Russia (EUREC 2016-17) last year, was shortlisted for the “325 Talents” competition in Hangzhou city, China in February 2019. They conducted “On-Site Evaluation meeting” with government representatives from Xihu district and are now looking forward to the results and possibilities to expand their activities in China.
Hangzhou is China’s most dynamic and innovative city clusters and its government is known to be open to creative companies and talents, as evidenced by the success of Alibaba. Hangzhou was also the host city to the G20 summit in 2016, an event which brought Hangzhou to the world stage of politics and economics.

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