Questionnaire related to PV use for water pumping

Questionnaire related to PV use for water pumping

by Rishabh Ghotge, India (EUREC 2015/16), presently RE researcher at TU Delft

This questionnaire aims to find out more about the conditions and needs of small and medium landholding farmers (typically less than 4 hectares of land) and others in areas, which are relatively water abundant yet energy scarce. Such areas are seen to be prime locations for off-grid solar water-pumping technologies, provided the products are robust, cost efficient and durable with relatively low maintenance. However, despite the relatively mature technology and falling prices of PV modules, the penetration of solar pumping technologies remain quite low. It is the aim of this study to investigate the reasons for this with a view of coming up with a technological or other solution.

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Contact details for further information is ghordy0/tge.risayfhavlgbh@gm3umaitwl.comqvmm

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