by TimseAbasi Thomas , Nigeria (PPRE 2019-21)

It’s Germany for the first time

Arriving in Germany for the first time has been one of the most memorable moments of our lives. From the cold air that greeted us as we arrived the airport to the struggles of learning to understand Deutsche, and particularly, the German Articles in our German Language class, the last few weeks have been full of fun, new experiences and interesting cultural exchanges.

Community support, the difference

Settling into Oldenburg was stress-free, thanks to our team of tutors who made adequate arrangements, provided useful support, and were on hand to answer a deluge of questions from us. Beside the Tutors, the reception by all our seniors in the PPRE community has been so warm that Oldenburg has begun to feel like home.

Germany has been different from our respective countries: everything from understanding the German bureaucracy concerning registrations, to steadfast traffic observances, to garbage sorting has added up to a unique experience. One other interesting experience we have lived here is having to move around riding a bicycle, and quite a few of us have had to learn to ride upon our arrival here. It has really been a life changing experience.

Multi-city tours

Over the last few weeks, we have been thrilled to a tour of beautiful cities: We have visited the harbors of Hamburg, the large Herrenhauser Garden of Hannover, the VW Autostadt in Wolfsburg, the ancient Museumdorf in Cloppenburg, and the compact city of Bremen, as well as tour the city of Oldenburg. Through these excursions, we have learned about the rich history of ancient Germany, and have seen some of the beautiful scenery of modern Germany.

Integrative learning

Arriving in early August and enrolling in the Language Course has been immensely rewarding and useful towards our integration into the German society, and although the road to mastery of the German language is farther, we can say with certainty that taking part in the language course has provided us with useful survival language skills necessary for living in Germany. We are most grateful to the DAAD for the comprehensive benefit of our scholarship award.

Looking ahead

As October draws nearer, we are optimistic about the start of our academic program. We believe that the PPRE will add immensely to our personal and professional growth, and we are ready to embrace the challenges, and to maximize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen der PPRE 19/21 DAAD Scholars:

Samuel-Ghana;  Eugene- Cameroun;  Angela- Colombia;  Jane – Kenya;  Diana- Bolivia;  Lidya – Eritrea;   TimseAbasi -Nigeria.

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