by Moiz, Pakistan (PPRE 2018-20)

During the first week of July this year I attended the III INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY WEEK in Zaragoza, Spain organized by the Faculty of Science and School of Engineering and Architecture, University of Zaragoza. The event lasted for one week full of interaction and an excursion with interesting participants, volunteers and organizers.  Before starting, I would like to convey the credits to Mr. Eduard Knagge firstly for circulating the email about the event and then also providing me the Letter of Recommendation which is a necessary part to apply for this event.

The aim of the event was to provide exposure to the participants to the university’s technical facilities, potential research and scientific activities being carried out at university expressing opportunities for international students to plan their higher studies at the University of Zaragoza. And apparently the reason was also to show the life and culture of Zaragoza. The volunteers i.e. “local students” and the organizers made this event more exciting as all the time they were with the participants to help them out. In total there were 13 participants, all students, mainly from Germany and the United Kingdom.

After the warm welcome by the hosts, we started the first day with an interesting research conference on Nanomaterials: Tools of the next technological revolution by the university’s professor followed by visit to the science faculty where we were briefed on the experiments being conducted at the labs. The following days were also focused on exploring the multiple faculties, robotics lab and another keynote conference on Computational Imaging: Seeing the Invisible a research conducted by the university’s Graphics and Imaging Laboratory research group. 

Now comes the adventure part, in which we visited the beautiful historical city palace “Al-Jafferia”, the church of the “Lady of Pilar” and had a guided tour including a visit to city’s “International Exposition site” where in 2008 a grand International EXPO was held. The very last day was second to none, early in morning along with the hosts we departed to Canfranc in the Aragon valley, a drive of two hours from Zaragoza. It’s a beautiful sight of an international railway station in the Spanish Pyrenees. But there was more to it than just sightseeing, excavated 800 m deep under the mountain in the Pyrenees is the  Laboratorio Subterráneo de Canfranc where scientists are investigating the particles of “Dark Matter” . This facility visit was phenomenal, and it would not have been possible for me to visit this lab ever if it was not for this event as it is a highly sophisticated and restricted laboratory. Finally, from Canfranc we went to  Castillo de Loarre ,  a historic excursion of the castle with a thousand years of history.

All in all, it was a nice event. The accommodation and day meals (breakfast & lunch) were covered by the hosts and in evenings usually we had dinner in the city tasting delicious sea food and local Spanish cuisine.

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