by Moiz, Pakistan (PPRE 2018-20)

July 2019 was a month full of amazing interactions, adventures and traveling for me. First, the International Science and Technology Week in Zaragoza, Spain then secondly the annual PPRE excursion for 10 days across Germany and finally the International Students Week in Timisoara, Romania. This article is to share my experience on the latter. Just after the PPRE excursion I flew to Timisoara, Romania to attend the International Students Week. The event as the name suggests was intended for international students, just that it was for 10 days rather than a week.

This year was the 26th Edition of the festival, with an attractive theme “Learn Today Change Tomorrow”. The event was organized by the students of Politechnica University Timișoara with multiple media, institutional, strategic partners and local municipal administration. At least around 150 participants from different countries gathered in Timisoara to rejoice this student festival. The idea of the festival was not only networking with students from different cultural backgrounds but also to take something back to the society when you return.

To fulfil this aim, the event was distributed over a series of 8 workshops covering the aspects of international mobility, physical wellbeing, social rights and education for all. I will shed a brief light on the workshop of which I took part in, “Student Organization and International Programs”. Throughout the event, we had sessions in the morning conducted by two active trainers from European Students Union. We discussed about how international platforms can be setup for institutional societies to strengthen the engagement of students in shaping the education sector. The workshop was very informative and participants from every corner of the world made it even more interesting.

That’s not it, the workshops were only one part of the event which focused on intellectual awareness and then comes the social development part. In evenings after the workshops there were some nice activities planned by the organizers among which my favorites were ‘Water Olympics’ – waters sports played in teams of students , ’International Food night’ – everyone cooked and presented their local cuisine, ‘City Cruise tour’ – enjoying the sights of Tmisoara from the river and ‘COOLtural Day’ – everyone gathered at the city’s beautiful Liberty Square with their country flags held high and enjoyed the concert. Also, there was a trip to Oradea, another Romanian city where we stayed for two days and visited the Cris Country museum, City Hall Tower and ancient Oradea Fortress

The ten days were full of cultural diversity, social exchange and awareness. And I certainly lack the ability, to put into words the excitement and thrill as experienced. Well, this is a brief glimpse of the ISWinT (International Student Week in Timișoara) and yes the event incurred a nominal participation fees which included food  and accommodation.

Here Relive The Festival :-)

(Changed: 2020-01-23)