Alumni Gatherings

Alumni Gatherings

Alumni Gatherings

by Edu Knagge (PPRE 1990/91)


nullFederico Montealegre (PPRE 09/11) from Navigant (formerly ecofys) met Dr. George Pechlivanoglou (PPRE 05/07) from Eunice Energy Group, Greece


  • in backyard of Boon Jin’s house, Berlin – August 2019

nullPPRE/EUREC Alumni-Stammtisch in Berlin: fr. left: Nuran (PPRE 11/13), Leonie (former PPRE-staff), Sven (PPRE 11/13), Richard (PPRE 03/04), Craig (EUREC 07/08), Mauricio (PPRE 05/07), Steven (EURE 05/06) and standing with cigar: host Boon Jin (PPRE 04/06)


nullPetros PATERAKIS (EUREC 07/08) from E.ON Climate & Renewables North America met Laila Garcia Garcia da Fonseca (PPRE 07/09) from from MAKE Consulting, US


  • at the EUREF-Campus in Berlin, where different technologies: e-mobility, Renewables, IT come together to create the energy system of the future – May 2019

nullMauricio Rojas from Inno2grid GmbH, Berlin ( offering a guided tour through EUREF-Campus to Oldenburg Alumni (fr. left: Craig (EUREC 07/08), Nuran (PPRE 11/13), Mauricio (PPRE 05/07), Bernhard (PPRE 99/00), Steven (EURE 05/06) and Boon Jin (PPRE 04/06)

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