BBQ @ Aenne & Hans

BBQ @ Aenne & Hans

by Hans Holtorf (PPRE 1988/89)

It has become something like a „Jour Fixe“, the barbeque (BBQ) at Aenne’s and Hans‘ house in summer semester. This year it was kind of special. Apart from the current ’18-20 batch, the ’17-19 batch members who do their master thesis in Oldenburg, some students’ family members and a few Engineering Physics and Sustainability Economics and Management students joined in. All in all, we summed up to more than forty people. The BBQ took place on Thursday, June 13th.  With plenty of preparations specifically from Olga (PPRE 17-19) and her batch members who brought wonderful finger food, Aenne & Hans (PPRE1988) as well as Moiz and Hamid (PPRE 18-20) who provided halal meat, the BBQ started at around 4pm. The ‘17-19 PPREs had started the fire before Hans and the  ‘18-20 PPREs came along from their excursion to Fliegerhorst PV Power Plant – refer to the related news.

It was a touching afternoon for Aenne and Hans having so many people from so different cultures at our home. Our neighbours supported us with ale-benches and grill. In the evening we were truly grateful to the dishwasher inventors and the guests who helped us tidying up the garden. What an evening!

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