Excursion PV Power Plant

Excursion PV Power Plant

by Hans Holtorf (PPRE 1988/89)

Seeing and touching the lecture’s topic in real life ensures a deeper understanding of what has been explained at the blackboard. Therefore excursions are a valuable complement to a lecture.

This year’s excursion to Oldenburg’s 14MWp PV-Power Plant within PV-Systems’ lecture was slightly stressful. It was stuck between regular lectures in the morning and a barbeque in the afternoon. Additionally a bicycle breakdown on the way to the power plant took plenty of time. What a pity, Hans’ explanations and anecdotes were not shared at the usual spot between two power plants (20MWp in the West and 14MWp in the East) on the way to the IFE power plant (the eastern power plant). However, Mrs. Schur and Mr. Hoppe gave plenty of insights and we could see a real life installation. The weather was brilliant to observe the fluctuations of renewable energy. The PV power on one of the inverter’s display varied from 30% to 100% of nominal power within seconds due to the fast change between PV’s cloud overcast and bright sunshine.

The excursion was prepared in the previous lecture by discussing the content and background information given in an IFE film. All participants received this film on a CD and we wish to thank IFE, in person Mrs. Schur and Mr. Hoppe for their time and efforts.

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