Relocation of PPRE-Offices and Seminar Rooms to new Premises

Relocation of PPRE-Offices and Seminar Rooms to new Premises

by Edu Knagge (PPRE 1990/91)

Instead of moving to the predetermined and well-known Energielabor building, the PPRE-team was asked to relocate its offices to the new building W16A at Wechloy Campus in late September 2019, just before the actual start of the winter term 2019/20. The Energielabor was closed until further notice due to new safety standards/restrictions from the building department of the University of Oldenburg. Building W16A is located only a stone's throw away from Energielabor.

After getting rid of masses of files and papers (some were even over 30 years old!), the actual moving was arranged within some days only – thanks to the help from the Hausmeister – and the PPRE-Team settled smoothly within their new offices. Because of the nice lecture hall, which can accommodate more than 50 students, and several seminar rooms around, which can be used almost exclusively by PPRE/EUREC-students most of the day, everybody seems to be rather happy about the new premises. Additionally, the PPRE-Team shares an own small coffee bar / kitchen with PPRE/EUREC-students, which makes the overall setting quite cosy – almost, but not quite yet, similar to the atmosphere in the good, but old Energielabor.

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