PhD-Defence from Ms. Diana Rocío Mancera Guevara

PhD-Defence from Ms. Diana Rocío Mancera Guevara

Ms. Diana Rocío Mancera Guevara, Colombia (PPRE 2011-13) successfully defended her PhD-research thesis titled ‘Analysis of Aerosol Vertical Concentrations Based on Satellite and Model Data’ early June 2019 in Oldenburg.

Among others the doctoral board consisted of Detlev Heinemann, who was mainly supervising her PhD-research, which she carried out at the Earth Observation Center of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Oberpfaffenhofen.

Regarding her perspectives, Diana would like to continue her career in the Energy Meteorology field. For the time being, she has the chance in a couple of weeks of participating as an instructor of a summer school in Colombia for kids which are interested in Science and Technology. Here Diana will particularly try to introduce the Renewable Energy topic with focus on the local context. She says: “I really find it a beautiful opportunity for me to share some of the learned things and I hope I can transmit to the kids as well a message of enthusiasm about RE and bring consciousness about our role on the care of the planet”.

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