Khishigbayar Jamiyansharav, Mongolia (PPRE 1998/99)

Khishigbayar Jamiyansharav, Mongolia (PPRE 1998/99)

who did her PhD titled ‘Long-term analysis and appropriate metrics of climate change in Mongolia’ at Graduate Degree Program in Ecology at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado and ever since is working as Post-doc at CSU was visiting PPRE 20 years after PPRE-graduation.

She wrote:

"It was so good to see Edu at his office and catch up with 20 years news for such a short time! I was travelling around Europe with my family for a vacation and happen to stop in Oldenburg today (June 20th, 2019). I learned from Edu that I missed Dr. Blum, Udo and significant others just a day before at Michael Golba's retirement party, but I convey my greetings to them in here. It was a very nice trip for me and for my family to refresh my pond memories and to learn how well PPRE and the alumni tree map behind Edu's desk is growing!"

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