International Solar Alliance (ISA) Delegation on site visit in Ghana

by Dwipen Boruah, India (PPRE 2005-07)

PPRE-alumni Dwipen Boruah, Managing Director, GSES India Sustainable Energy Pvt. Ltd., New Dehli, India visited Mr. Wisdom Ahiataku Togobo, Ghana (PPRE 1997-98) and his batch mate Mr. Seth Mahu, Ghana (PPRE 2005-07) in the office of the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, Republic of Ghana during his one week visit to Accra on 10 - 16 December 2018.  He visited the ministry as a member of a delegation from the International Solar Alliance (ISA) under its knowledge exchange programme. Wisdom is currently holding the position of Director, Renewable Energy, Ministry of Energy and Petroleum and Seth Mahu is holding the position Deputy Director, Renewable Energy, Ministry of Energy and Petroleum. 

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