Current and Former PPRE/EUREC Students Meet at an Off-Grid Workshop in Memmingen/Germany

"The world speaks Off-Grid" was the motto of this year’s "Off-Grid Experts Workshop", which is organized every two years by a system integrator company Phaesun GmbH in the southern part of Germany, Memmingen. This year was very special, as record Nr. of PPRE/EUREC students and Alumni (nine) participated in the 2 day event. Read more

680kwp Hybrid Solar-PV at Bugala Island, Lake Victora, Uganda

The hybrid solar-pv project was first conceived in year 2006 when Wycliff was studying his master’s degree at Uni-Oldenburg. During his industrial training, he travelled back to Uganda, and was part of the team of engineers who carried out the pre-feasibility, and later a full feasibility in year 2007 (after graduation). Read more

How "Green" is E-Mobility Really?

The field of “e-mobility” is highly complex and highlights one of the greatest issues of the future. The field challenges many research disciplines, the political world and many economic sectors. In June 2015, at the invitation of the University of Oldenburg and the Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg, a high-quality, international panel of experts was assembled to discuss the status of development in this field and the current problems faced. Read more

Promoting Productive Use of Renewable Energy (PURE) in Ghana - A Case Study of the Gedap Business Development Support Project

The Ghana Energy Development & Access Project (GEDAP), is a multi-donor funded project with the objective to improve the operational efficiency of the electricity distribution system and increase the population’s access to electricity and to support Ghana’s transition to a low-carbon economy through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Read more

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