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Research News from Oldenburg

Research News from Oldenburg DLR Institute of Networked Energy Systems

Entering the Circular Economy: Recovering of Resources from Industrial Wastewater

DLR publishes open-source simulation software to calculate costs and energy requirement.

Research News from Oldenburg OFFIS

DERIEL (De-Risking Electrolysis)

DERIEL (De-Risking Electrolysis) forms the link between the two aspects of series production of water electrolyzers and the application of series-produced water electrolyzers in the industrial environment.

Research News from Oldenburg OFFIS

SEGIWA (Series production of electrolyzers in the gigawatt range)

The SEGIWA joint projects objective is to develop fundamentals in order to transfer the Silyzer® 300 technology platform from manual assembly to automated series production with the highest quality standard, utilizing the possibilities offered by virtualisation and digitalisation.

Research News from Oldenburg

Publication of MSc-thesis in OOPS (Oldenburger Online-Publikations-Server)

/oops/ the Oldenburg Online Publication Server offers Oldenburg University faculty a quick and simple procedure for publishing their scientific papers online. /oops/ also allows undergraduates, postgraduate and post-doc students to publish their final thesis (BA, MA, doctoral or habilitation thesis)…

Research News from Oldenburg OFFIS

Sustainable Manufacturing in Oldenburg has started!

Digital technologies have great potential to transform the industry into a sustainable one, but digitalization represents also a huge risk because of its energy and resource requirement. The new group “Sustainable Manufacturing Systems” in OFFIS researches both.

Research News from Oldenburg

Technology update in PPRE E-labor

Starting in the summer semester of 2022, PPRE students will be able to use the newly remodeled E-Labor photovoltaic modules stand, enhanced with new technologies and tools for data collection.

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