Job Search

Information for the search for tendered postdoc positions or grants to universities and research institutions in Germany and abroad can for example be found on the and Euraxess websites.

Career Development

The Graduate Academy of the University of Oldenburg offers specific workshops for the career development of postdocs in different career phases and informs you about topics concerning the promotion of junior researchers in Oldenburg.
The German University Association (DHV) also offers a variety of consulting opportunities and courses for postdocs.


Funding Opportunities for Postdoctoral Scientists and Academics (Postdocs)

Early Postdoctoral Phase

You have successfully completed your doctorate and want to continue your scientific or academic career and you are looking for funding opportunities for your own research projects? On the Jobs and Scholarships webpages, you will find a selection of funding and research options regarding:
  • Research project with position
  • Postdoc fellowship for research at the location of your choice
  • Postdoc fellowship for research abroad

Eligibility for Professorship

You graduated with your doctorate some years ago, have developed your own field of research and have, ideally, been active abroad for 1-2 years and now want to prepare your next career steps? The eligibility for a professorship can be achieved with a German habilitation, via a junior professorship or a junior research group.
The Junior Research Groups webpages inform you about the funding possibilities of a junior research group.

Before the Appointment

You have the professional capability through a German habilitation, a junior professorship or a junior research group. Here you will find funding opportunities for this phase.

Heisenberg-Programm (DFG)
The Heisenberg Programme is aimed at scientists, who have obtained their eligibility for a professorship via the Emmy Noether Programme, DFG projects and research activities in the economy or mid-level academic positions. Four different types of funding are available within the Heisenberg Programme: Heisenberg position, Heisenberg temporary substitute position for clinicians, Heisenberg professorship and Heisenberg fellowship. Once you have been accepted to the Heisenberg Programme, you can select from the funding types and/or combine them during the five-year funding period.

ERC Consolidator
The ERC Consolidator Grants promote promising junior researchers whose own independent working group is in the consolidation phase. You can also find further information on the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research website (only German).

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's Henriette Herz-Scouting Programme is organized in two programme lines and aims at 1.) rising academics who have only recently taken on a (junior) professorship or group leadership and 2.) established researchers. Applications from individuals who have not yet had any connections with the Humboldt Foundation are particularly welcome.

As a selected scout, you have the opportunity to independently identify up to three junior researchers abroad to join your team and to nominate them for a fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation.

Further Funding Opportunities for Postdocs

The academies of sciences, the Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg Delmenhorst and other institutions regularly announce fellowships for postdocs. The aim of this moral or financial assistance is to promote the (scientific) career through the ability to network or to develop own networks. The own position cannot be acquired with these fellowships. Funding opportunities can be found in ELFI; here is a selection of funding examples:

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