Jobs and Scholarships

Jobs and Scholarships

Research Project with its own Position

German Research Foundation (DFG)
The DFG offers funding opportunities (Individual Research Grants and Walter Benjamin Programme) specially aimed at junior researchers at the postdoctoral level:

Fritz Thyssen Foundation
Project funding by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation is aimed at scientists from the humanities and social sciences as well as in biomedicine. Junior researchers with a PhD can apply for their own position (usually according to TVL E13) within the framework of a project.

Scholarship for Research at the Location of your Choice

The Leopoldina Postdoctoral Fellowship is awarded by the Leopoldina to outstanding postdoctoral scientists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland who research in scientific and medical areas of expertise.

Gerda Henkel Foundation
Scientists working in research projects can apply for a PhD or research fellowship in the Gerda Henkel Foundation. Further information can be found on the Gerda Henkel Foundation website.

Fritz Thyssen Foundation
The Fritz Thyssen Foundation promotes science at universities and non-profit research institutions, primarily in Germany, with special emphasis on junior researchers. The postdoctoral fellowship is reserved for junior researchers, usually within one to two years after being awarded a doctorate degree.

Scholarship for Research Abroad

German Research Foundation (DFG) - for details see above: Research Project with its own Position
The Walter Benjamin Programme enables researchers in the qualification phase following their doctorate to independently carry out their own research project at the location of their choice (in Germany: Walter Benjamin position, abroad: Walter Benjamin Fellowship).

The DFG Research Fellowship (Walter Benjamin Fellowship) enables junior researchers to carry out independent research projects at a location of their choice in a foreign country and to become acquainted with new scientific methods or to carry out a research project.

Azrieli International Postdoctoral Fellowship
The fellowship provides generous funding for eligible international applicants to conduct research in any academic discipline at accredited institutions in Israel. The Azrieli International Postdoctoral Fellowships are awarded without regard to religion, gender, age or ethnicity. 

German Cancer Aid
The Mildred Scheel Scholarip programme offers postdoctoral researchers of medicine and the natural sciences the opportunity to carry out projects in the field of clinical oncological basic research at institutes abroad.

Horizon 2020 - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships
Scientists can apply for an individual fellowship (IF) if they have a PhD or a minimum of 4-years full-time research experience after completing their university degree. The research topic can be chosen freely. If successful, the project is carried out at a host institution in a (non-)European country. The eligibility period is 12-24 months in the event of a European Fellowship and 12-24 months for Global Fellowships plus a 12-month return phase. Financial support comprises a position, mobility and family allowances as well as covered expenses for the hosting institution.

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