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In november a two-day interdisciplinary workshop on the topic of gait will be held at the HWK in Delmenhorst. Overview lectures from various disciplines (e.g. computer science, neurology, sports sciences, geriatrics) will be given and followed by a poster session on the first day. Joint meals at the HWK will provide plenty of opportunity for further discussion and socializing. The second day consists of parallel, small group hands-on sessions and offers the opportunity to learn from experts. In addition, different hardware systems for EEG and motion acquisition will be demonstrated.
Please apply by email to Ms Thurid Werner: twersrner@rthh-w-k.depw4b3 and indicate whether you want to present a poster. Participation fees are EUR 50.- for academics and EUR 500.- for companies. Fees include lunch and dinner.  For further information please visit:

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Psychological Colloquium

Psychological Colloquium program see here:

Psychological Colloquium

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