Programme coordinator

Dr. Kerstin Bleichner



'Introduction to programming' workshop in the orientation week

Programming is fun: Students from our programme gave a successful 'Introduction to programming' workshop for new students in the orientation week.

„ I don’t know this! “, “What is a for-loop?”, “This is too hard.”, “Why do we need to do this?” -  These sentences are common to most of the freshies when they first start with programming in our master. Most of us are new to programming and the basic concepts, which are crucial to understand to successfully master this program.  For this reason we started an understandable introduction course to programming with the new students to show how simple and fun programming can be, using Scratch. With Scratch being a creative and comprehensible programming language, the second edition this year was a delightful event for everyone who participated.

(Changed: 2022-04-20)