Programme coordinator

Dr. Kerstin Bleichner



What students say about the programme

'As a student from the U.S., I feel that this is the perfect program for international students! The neurocognitive psychology program is all in English and the faculty does everything they can for foreign students to transition well! With an active student body and a lot of research opportunities, I am having a great learning experience without ever getting homesick!'
- Brittni, USA­

‘Oldenburg University's Neuropsychology program not only gives me the opportunity to investigate the latest scientific research in neuroscience, but it also allows me to explore the German countryside and culture around me. I am able to learn the German language (or at least give it my best shot), while making friends from all around the world!’
- Taylor, USA­

‘I really enjoyed this course. Not only did I learn a lot and gain a persepective on different topics but I also got to know great people.’
- Shabnam, Iran­

‘The program in Oldenburg is a great combination of clinical neuropsychology and academic research. The students get the possibility to get their hands on the innovative methods used in human neurocognitive research and as the teams are small and supportive, there is always someone around to help you out if there's a need for it. I had no idea there are so many cool ways to explore the human mind before I started to study in Oldenburg!’
- Liisa, Estonia­

‘I could not be happier with my time spent in Oldenburg – this is a challenging, varied course and staff have always been on hand every step of the way. I was also thrilled to find such an active international student community, great nightlife and beautiful surroundings.’
- Emma, UK­

‘Having almost finished the programme, I think I can in good conscience promote this Master's. You get taught by lecturers who are full-fledged, enthusiastic and well-connected researchers pouring their hearts and souls into what they do. They're motivated to pass on their knowledge, much of which they pioneered themselves, often in instructive hands-on settings. On top of that, despite their relatively high fluctuation, students are given a carefully attended voice in transparent ongoing decision processes, and thus can actively participate e.g. in the distribution of available funds. The curriculum both covers essential methodology and content, seeks to emulate many typical challenges of the scientific life and allows for individual specialization. In Oldenburg you get so much for free: Cutting edge research with a distinctive style in a familial atmosphere and an accessible, well-equipped and vibrant environment. Go for it.’
- Christoph, Germany

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