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"Thanks to REO, I found the perfect opportunity to obtain the knowledge and competency in renewable energy required to anticipate on the fast-upcoming energy transition and the opportunities that comes with it."

Hendrie Braakman, REO student

Stay in your job and study on top

Our part-time study programme Renewable Energy Online (MSc) is the right choice for you if you want to become an expert on future energy systems by studying next to your job.  You will acquire competences in a broad range of Renewable Energy technologies, including solar and wind energy, storage technologies, electric power systems and the relationship between energy and society.

Be prepared for future challenges

Renewable energy plays an ever increasing role in worldwide energy supply. Experts are requested all over the world for the rearrangement of existing energy supply systems as well as for the development and implementation of new innovative and sustainable energy systems.

After finalising the programme with a Master of Science degree, you will be able to work as a Renewable Energy expert in a self-organised, interdisciplinary, problem-oriented, responsible and scientific manner, to present results in a structured format and to critically reflect on them. Prospective employers are e.g. companies, governments, and academia.

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Certificate Programme

In the form of individual modules, you can gain up-to-date knowledge in a compact and targeted manner in order to prepare yourself for new professional challenges. In the summer semester 2019, we offer basics courses in Photovoltaics and Wind Energy. Each course requires a workload of approximately 7 hours per week (180 hours in total).

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Get an impression

What are the main challenges for future energy supply? Which technologies are most relevant? What kind of knowledge and skills are specially required?

We asked international students and graduates from our Renewable Energy Master programmes. Have a look at their answers:


Application for the upcoming winter semester 2019/2020 is now open for international students! Please submit your application via uni-assist until 31 May 2019. 
If you have a degree from a German university, please apply directly at the University of Oldenburg. In this case, application will be possible from May through September 2019.

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In our study programme, you will acquire competences in four different competence areas: subject-related, methodological, social and personal competences. The curriculum of the study programme consists of different types of modules: Core Modules, Technology Orientation Modules, System Orientation Modules and Social Science Orientation Modules. Some of the modules are mandatory and some are elective.

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How to study

The programme is completely online except of two on-campus periods of two weeks each.  It is designed as a part-time programme which you can study at home next to your job. The required workload is 20 hours per week, but it is also possible to study at a slower pace. 

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A team of experts from research, science and teaching accompanies the students during their studies. The programme management is available for questions. We advise you on application and admission requirements, study organisation, and details about the content of the modules.

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