Andreas Günther
Programme Manager
Renewable Energy Online

Email:    reo@uol.deymzr
Phone:  +49 441 798 3338

University of Oldenburg
School of Mathematics and Science
Institute of Physics
D-26111 Oldenburg

"A friendly online platform with extremely competent teachers to debate about renewable energies makes me sure that I will be prepared for the future challenges of my career."

Paulo Baffa, REO student

Study Concept

The REO Masterprogramme is completely online except of two on-campus periods of two weeks each.  It is designed as a part-time programme which you can study at home next to your job. This equals to around 20 hours workload per week (part-time study). 

C3LLO Online Learning Management System

The online learning management system C3LLO serves as a virtual campus for Renewable Energy Online. It enables for a time-flexible and location-independent study programme. C3LLO has been developed at the C3L Center for Lifelong Learning at the University of Oldenburg and has since been used in a variety of educational programmes both inside and outside the university.

All online phases of Renewable Energy Online are supported by C3LLO. You can contact the teachers and other participants at any time, ask questions, work on assignments and participate in discussions. In addition, the system provides the study materials and supporting documents and supports the self-learning process by exercises and tasks.

C3LLO features

In addition to features such as discussion board and file storage, C3LLO provides optimal support for time-independent group work, tasks, online classroom, and easy management of exam results.

C3LLO is tailored to the needs of part-time students with a limited time budget. The learning process is optimally supported by a clear structure without disturbing elements. You can concentrate on the content and do not waste time with complicated technology.

Technical requirements

In order to participate in the master's program Renewable Energy Online, you need neither fancy technical equipment nor excellent computer skills. Sufficient is:

  • A computer or notebook with broadband internet (DSL)
  • Actual browser (eg Firefox or Chrome) with installed Flash player
  • Standard software, e.g. Word, PowerPoint
  • Headset

Before starting your master's programme, you will get access to the C3LLO online learning platform and become familiar with the technical requirements of the master's programme.

On-Campus Periods

Complementary to the online studies, the REO programme includes two mandatory on-campus periods at the University of Oldenburg of two weeks each. They are part of the modules “Renewable Energy Laboratory and Excursion” (in the first semester of the standard course of study) and “Simulation and Laboratory” (in the fourth semester of the standard course of study).

Labs, Excursions & Conference

During both on-campus periods, you gain hands-on experiences in laboratory courses and increase your experimental skills as well as competences in data acquisition and evaluation. Mentors and teachers support you during the labs and while writing your first lab reports or research papers.

On excursions, you get to know various Renewable Energy companies and have the chance to network with Renewable Energy experts.

At a students’ conference during the second on-campus period, you “smell conference air” and train your networking as well as presentation skills.

Furthermore, you spend time with your colleagues, mentors and teachers face-to-face in informative workshops, enjoyable cooking events and interesting sightseeing trips.

Schedule for On-campus Periods

The first on-campus period as part of the module "Renewable Energy Laboratories and Excursion" will take place at the University of Oldenburg in early February 2020.

The module "Simulation and Laboratory" in the fourth semester includes the second on-campus period, taking place in early July 2020.

In subsequent years, both on-campus periods will be offered in a similar time range.


During their first on-campus period, REO students performed laboratory experiments and visited companies and research institutes in the Renewable Energy sector in Northern Germany. Have a look at some impressions in our photo gallery.

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