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Certificate Programme Advanced Wind Energy

Distance Education

Certificate Programme “Advanced Wind Energy” (AWE) at the ForWind Center for Wind Energy Research  The certificate programme “Advanced Wind Energy – Computational Fluid and System Dynamics” (AWE programme) addresses electrical and mechanical engineers and physicists with a graduate degree or equivalent degree. Graduates with these backgrounds can be accepted to the programme, if they e.g. want to get a specialization for wind energy after their degree or want to change their industrial sector. ForWind is going to offer the certificate programme worldwide in order to educate available highly qualified employees for research and development in the field of wind energy utilization.

Figure 1: Structure of the certificate “Advanced Wind Energy – Computational Fluid and System Dynamics” (press on the figure to enlarge)

The structure of the AWE programme starts with a bridge module which is intended to build up the basic knowledge for all students (see Figure 1). After the bridge module the students can choose between two specialization tracks: Energy Meteorology or Wind Energy Systems. As a typical example, a graduate physicist chooses Energy Meteorology in order to work as expert for energy yield assessments in a company or in a research institute. A graduated mechanical engineer may, for example, choose the Wind Energy Systems track in order to become a scientist for wind energy systems research or engineer for development and construction of wind turbines. The extension module is intended to teach the handling of data and show practical examples of measurement and research. The Certificate Programme Advanced Wind Energy is not only intended as stand-alone qualification. Furthermore, it will become part of the master course Renewable Energy Online (REO)” by the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. As part of this Master, Advanced Wind Energy can either be taken as a continuing education class or as module in the “Renewable Energy Online”.

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