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Thomas Poppinga
Project Manager
Coordination Knowledge Transfer

Certificate Programme Decentralised Electrical Energy Storage

Distance Education

Certificate of Advanced Studies
“Decentralised Electrical Energy Storage” (DEES)
at the Next Energy Research Centre for Energy Technology
The NEXT ENERGY research centre is developing an extra-occupational certificate for the topic of “Decentralised Electrical Energy Storage” in the project. The interdisciplinary Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) – “Decentralised electrical energy storage systems” prepares participants for their professional tasks related to electrical energy storage, which will be of particular significance for integrating renewable energies in the power grid of the future. The continuing education course is aimed at science and engineering graduates as well as experienced professionals from the electrical engineering, electrochemistry, energy trading and renewable energy sectors who are looking for further specialist training in the field of electrical storage systems and renewable energies.

Participants study fundamentals of storage technologies and batteries, are introduced to battery management and grid integration and train practice in scaling a storage system.

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(Changed: 29 Apr 2022)