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Political System of Germany

Political System of Germany

Welcome to the homepage of the work group "Political System of Germany".

On the following pages, you can learn more about the group and about its teaching and research focus.


New Publication: Taehee Kim. 2021. The impact of election outcome on internal political efficacy: The role of contextual factors. Electoral Studies. Volume 74. DOI:

New Publication: Juen, Christina-Marie, Michael Jankowski, Robert A. Huber, Torren Frank, Leena Maaß and Markus Tepe 2021. Who wants COVID-19 Vaccination to be Compulsory? The Impact of Party Cues, Left-Right Ideology and Populism, Politics (accepted)

DVPW/Schader-Foundation: Presentation of the Political Science Teaching Award on September 8, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. (Laudatory speech: Markus Tepe)

DVPW/Schader-Foundation:  Exchange of experience on theory and practice of online voting aids
on September 9, 2021 at 2:00 p.m.

DVPW Board Elections: In the upcoming DVPW elections, Diana Panke, Claudia Ritzi, and Markus Tepe are running for the chairmanship team. A brief presentation of the election program can be found → here.

Local Election: TV report with Markus Tepe on the Lower Saxony local election 2021 based on the NieKom database. → to the database

Michael Jankowski and Christina-Marie Juen, are involved in the development of a digital election aid for the 2021 local elections in Lower Saxony. Together with researchers from the TU Darmstadt and University of Frankfurt and the founders of the election aid VOTO, an election compass is to be offered in all municipalities in Lower Saxony.
→ to the press release

Upcoming conferences: SEAS Research Paper on "Multidimensional preferences for regulating self-driving Cars" accepted for presentation at the 117th Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association.

Congratulations! We are happy to pronounce that Christina-Marie-Juen has passed her disputation.

Congratulations! We are happy to pronounce that Maximilian Lutz has passed his disputation.

Paper published: Prokop, Christine and Markus Tepe 2021. Talk or Type? The Effect of Digital Interfaces on Citizens’ Satisfaction with Standardized Public Services, Public Administration (online first)

Paper accepted: Juen, Christina-Marie, Michael Jankowski and Markus Tepe 2021. Abstiegserfahrungen in der Kommune und der Aufstieg Unabhängiger Wählergemeinschaften. Neue Befunde aus einem Mehrebenen-Kommunalwahlpanel, Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen (accepted)

New colleague in the Working Group PolSys: We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Ina Radtke to our working group. Dr. Radtke is a Post Doctoral Researcher in the ISSS.KOM project and scientific coordinator of the SEAS Research Training Group.

New Open-Access Publication by Michael Jankowski and Torren Frank in Acta Politica
Dr. Michael Jankowski and Torren Frank from our working group have published a new paper in the journal Acta Politica. 

Research proposal approved: Research proposal entitled “Who should get the vaccine first? How do COVID-19 vaccine allocation regimes affect citizens' global vs. national identities and priority preferences” has been approved by the Volkswagen Foundation. The project will be implemented in cooperation with Pieter Vanhuysse from the University of Southern Denmark (Odense) and Raanan Sulitzeanu-Kenan from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Corona study presented: Leena Maaßen and Torren Frank, both student researchers in the PolSys WG, presented their Corona study entitled "Rational Self-Interest or Societal Solidarity? Determinants of Lockdown Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic" presented at this year's Day of Teaching and Learning.

Research proposal approved: In the research project "Intelligent Self-Service Systems in the Local Administration of Lower Saxony" (ISSS.KOM) Prof. Markus Tepe and Ass. Prof. Christine Prokop (Twente University), in cooperation with OFFIS and the City of Oldenburg, are investigating the question of how intelligent self-service systems can be integrated into the local administration. The project is funded by the "PRO*Niedersachsen" program of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science (MWK).

Center for Digital Innovations Lower Saxony (ZDIN): Markus Tepe is a new member of the Center for Digital Innovations Lower Saxony (ZDIN). There he represents the area of policy research and behavior-oriented administrative science.

Paper online first.  Tepe, Markus, Pieter Vanhuysse and Maximilian Lutz. 2020. Merit, Luck and Taxes. Societal Reward Rules, Self-Interest and Ideology in a Real-Effort Voting Experiment, Political Research Quarterly (online first)

Paper online first. Jankowski, Michael, Christina-Marie Juen and Markus Tepe 2020. The Impact of Anti-Establishment Parties on the Electoral Success of Independent Local Lists. Evidence from Germany, Party Politics (online first)

Paper online first. Jankowski, Michael, Christine Prokop and Markus Tepe 2020. Representative Bureaucracy and Public Hiring Preferences. Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment among German Municipal Civil Servants and Private Sector Employees, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (online first)

Panel on "Behavioral consequences of AI, big data and algorithmic decision-making in public services" Chairs: Christine Prokop & Stephan Grimmelikhuijsen. Call for Papers for the ECPR General Conference, held in Innsbruck/Austria, 26-28 August 2020.

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