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Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Fakultät II - Informatik, Wirtschafts- und Rechtswissenschaften
Ammerländer Heerstraße 114-118
26129 Oldenburg

Affiliated Institutes

Associated Institutes

Faculty II has associated institutes which are predominantly responsible for supporting research and/or teaching goals that lie beyond the basic research area.


‘OFFIS’ is the abbreviation for ‘Oldenburger Forschungs- und Entwicklungsinstitut für Informatik-Werkzeuge und –Systeme’ (‘Oldenburg Research and Development Institute for Computing Science Tools and Systems’). This associated institute was founded in 1991 and is the most important element in the department’s field. The institute works closely with the University of Oldenburg on the basis of a cooperative agreement between the two. OFFIS is an application-oriented research and development institute and a centre of excellence for selected areas of computing science and its areas of application. OFFIS serves as an interface between the results of foundation research in computing science and other neighbouring disciplines. Thanks to years of experience in cooperative research projects, this institute is not only able to meet the requirements of the market, but also to bridge the gap between the market and research through application-oriented research and development. With regards to content, this work takes the form of short term projects. For further information, see OFFIS.

ASSOCIATED Institute ecco GmbH

The ecology + communication Unternehmensberatung GmbH (‘Ecology and Communication Consultancy GmbH’), known by the simple and catchy name ecco, was founded in Münster in 1993. Today, this affiliated institute supervises, counsels, and moderates in interdisciplinary team management projects, and is also active in leading training exercises and running marketing and communication projects in and for businesses. All activities are grounded in technical competence and networking, as well as the ground level connection between scientific and practical approaches. For more information, see ECCO.


The associated Institute for Economic Education (IÖB) enjoys the benefits of years of experience in the education, training, and continuing education of educators, as well as in supporting the practical aspects of teaching. This institute lends a degree of general ‘know how’ to all issues concerning economic education. The IÖB is also active across the border in the Netherlands and carries out successful projects across Germany and on an international level. The institute distinguishes itself through foundation and applied research, development, implementation, and consultancy. For further information, see IÖB. 


For further informations, see EFNW

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