Enrolment regulations

Here you will find the matriculation regulations of Carl von Ossietzky University [German].

Section 9 of the matriculation regulations is relevant to your request.

Applications for double degree

Applications for double studies

Are you studying in a degree programme with restricted admissions and would like to enrol in another degree programme with restricted admissions, i.e. a double degree programme? At least one of the two degree programmes is offered by Faculty II? Then please note the following:

  • Please submit an application by email to the Dean of Studies of Faculty II, enclosing a Stud.IP printout of the modules taken in the current semester and a Transcript of Records.
  • In addition, please provide a well-founded explanation of why the additional course of study is a meaningful addition to your previous studies.
  • Please state in which semester you would like to complete which modules of your 2 degree programmes.

Contact for questions and submission of your application: -

(Changed: 2021-11-15)