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Advanced Studies

Bachelor’s Program in Business Administration in Medium Enterprises

The Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg offers a bachelor’s program in Business Administration especially for management and junior management in middle sized firms. This exclusively extra-occupational program combines internet supported learning with periods of attendance at the university, in part to facilitate the participation of managers with busy schedules. Practical projects form the basis of the study modules, which may be taken in the form of periods as a guest student or individually in the form of further education.  These practical projects help managers work together with academic experts to develop individual solutions for their businesses.


Business Administration for Sport Professionals

Carry on a career as a top athlete, and in spite of firm training and competition planning, earn an internationally recognized academic degree? The Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg offers this opportunity with the extra-occupational, e-learning based program in Business Administration for top athletes (B.A.). This program is accredited by the ZeVA,and has been in place since October 2005. The first two graduates (sailing / handball) were congratulated upon finishing the course in the summer semester of 2008. The athletes in this program belong to the A, B, and C squads come mostly from such sporting activities as horseback riding, track and field, football, and sailing.

This offer is aimed at active top athletes and others who aspire to a competitive sporting career or have already embarked on one. The program is intended to provide athletes with skills for ‘the time afterward’, including preparation for a career for example as a manager in a company, organization, association, or in the field of sport promotions, as a project leader for sporting events, or in sporting management.

The extra-occupational, e-learning based program has a prescribed length of four years. Students acquire knowledge in fields such as economics, business, and political economics, as well as the fundamentals of law. Additionally, students gain knowledge and experience in such areas as business management and sport management. Furthermore, the program also teaches skills in the individual subject areas and methods, as well as social competencies and language skills, with special reference to business applications. Academically, special value is places on the acquisition of key skills.

The new course of studies is characterized by learning according to the latest didactic criteria, as well as the adoption of new media and minimal time spent on campus. With this concept, we wish to offer top athletes with strict schedules a real alternative to full time studies that require a great deal of time spent on campus.

This course of studies has even acquired as its ambassador Professor Jürgen Dieckert, former presidential member of the National Olympic Committee and Honorary President of the German Gymnastic Association.

More on this program as well as a brochure and a short description of the Business Administration program can be found at the following address: Business Administration for Sport Professionals

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Master’s Program in Information Law

The master’s program in Law and Information Systems (LL.M) is intended to be extra occupational and serve as continuing education as it seeks to address the ever increasing demand for experts in IT related law. IT law encompasses the classic areas of telecommunications and media law, as well as copyright, industrial property rights law, distance selling law (eCommerce law), and internet law. Students may choose electives such as eGovernment, computer criminal law, data protection law, and IT tax law.

An intelligent mix of learning methods, including both eLearning and more conventional approaches (such as normal lectures), allows for a ‘blended learning’ program that is largely independent of time and space barriers. Through the involvement of practitioners from distinguished law firms who are specialized in information technology law, it is possible to provide for a program that is both well grounded and geared toward practical, reality based training.


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