Do you want to learn more about 'Uni Action', do you have questions or suggestions? 

Are you a lecturer at the University of Auckland or an overseas university and would like to know more about Actionbound and its use in higher education? 

Then feel free to contact

Dr. Christopher Sommer


JJW 2-203


Prof. Dr. Heike Derwanz

Project lead

Prof. Dr. Karen Ellwanger

Project lead

Dr. Christopher Sommer

Research associate / project coordinator

After completing a B.A. in History in Mannheim (Germany) and a M.A. in Museum Studies in Oldenburg (Germany) I wanted to gain some international research experience. Lo and behold I got a PhD scholarship in New Zealand. It took a while, but in 2016 I left with a mortarboard. 

My research  interests are the representation of immigration in museums, the representation of pre-modern military history in military history museums and digitization strategies for tertiary education.

Right now I work in two digitization projects: Qualität Plus and Uni Action. Both aim to improve digital literacy among students.


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