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Music Education

Music Education

Teaching music is based on passing-on music-referred knowledge and includes more than only concert pedagogy. Music education refers to the current formal and informal types of musical learning and the exchange of musical information- be that in general education schools, in instrumental lessons, in print media, in the radio, TV or in the internet. Music education at the institute for music refers specifically to the course contents during the bachelor studies. Since the bachelor study contents prepare the students not only for being a music teacher but rather prepare for music education jobs in general, music education at institute of music describes especially the bachelor study contents. On the one hand, students explain the know-how of specific aspects of music pedagogy and music didactics; on the other hand, different courses are being offered that include an alternative thematic focus, such as institutions, places and applications of musical learning. The job specialization ensues during the master studies, during which the students have the choice between the master of education or an extra-curricular job.

Music didactic (according to the didactic of other school subjects) is referred to as the theory and practice of music teaching at schools of general education. This is where the student is expected to develop knowledge to be able to teach kids and teenagers various forms of music and encourage their understanding of music, their creativity, their judgement and their orientation.

The music teacher training at the university of Oldenburg puts an emphasize on connecting the different areas of studies with the future professional life: by creating a preferably practical- orientated instrumental- and vocal education and ensemble practice; by theater projects in cooperation with public schools and youth centers; or by music scientific offers, which address youth cultures and media as well as contents that are going to be taught in professional life as a music teacher.

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