Our studios are permanently upgraded to date. Small classes provide percect working conditions. Individual consulting is obligatory for module and exam works.

The latest developments and settings are

  • I: One Main Studio
  • II: One smaller Studio
  • III to VII: Studio Cabins/Surround
  • VIII: CIP Room (8 PCs) with Audiointerfaces, Finale and Cubase
  • IV: Studio E (BIS) four recording cabins (5 PCs Cubasis/MIDIkeys) plus seminar room with PA/ Smartboard/M-Audio Interface
  • X: Media Laboratory MA of Integrated Media mit 8 stations, Apple Imacs, Motu Audiointerfaces, MIDIkeys Cubase 8 artist.
  • The Main Studio ist connectet to the chamber hall via Multicore (Recording of Ensembles/Bigband etc.). LAN connection of all locations (Streaming, Webcams) and internationally via VST-Connect 2.


A Selection of our Hardware:

  • Protools HD, Avid HD, Motu Audiointerfaces, Apple Mac Quadcore, Mackie 24 ch analog Mixer, Soundcraft 24ch analog Mixer with penny&giles faders, Tascam 48 ch digital mixer, Submixer,Yamaha AW2400 for mobile Recording. Analog Tascam 16 track Tapemachine. Tascam Masteringmachine. Neumann/Shure, Rode, Audiotechnica, Sennheiser,AKG etc. selection of microphones.
  • Highend outboard equipment as there are Klarktechnik EQs, Compressors, MXR pitch transposer etc., Liveeffects. A wide slection of audiomonitors (dB, Mackie) for live concerts, Surround installations. A rare selection of analog Vintage-Equipment.
  • A large selection of vintage analog/digital Synthesizers Hartmann Neuron, EMS Synthies, EMS Filterbanks, complete Korg MS Series, Vocoder, Triton Extreme, Roland Juno, Yamaha DX Series, Nordlead Electro, Fricke, Alesis, Novation, Oberheim, Yamaha...
  • Further instruments: Fender E-bass, Gibson Les Paul, Engl/Fender Amps, Steinway grand piano, Kawai e-piano, complete JBL PA...
  • A large collection of interactive MIDI-Controllers Akai Windcontroller, Yamaha Disklavier Grandpiano, Alesis Octapads, Korg MIDI-Handdrums, IRCAM Eobody, 2 Alesis Triggerunits, Doepfer Controllerpads. Videocams for MIDI control, wireless MIDI...
  • Ipads: 10 Ipad Mini each one runnig Garage Band, Cubasis, Korg Electribe, Kaossilator, NI Traktor. Irig MIDIkeys. Irig Guitar Interfaces, Amplitube.
  • Mobile Controllerstation: Several Notebooks running MIDI- Audio Controllers and projectors for mobile purposes.
  • A collection of handheld audio recorders (zoom, yamaha) and videocameras (canon hd).


Each of our Stations provides::

  • DAWs: Latest Win PCs (z.Zt. Intel Core7), Genlec Monitors, Roland/Oberheim/M-Audio/Roland Masterkeyboards, M-Audio ProjectMix I/O Firewire Audio Interface and Control Surface Mixer. additionally Tascam 16 ch Audiointerfaces, Line6 UX8 Interfaces specially for Guitar Recording/Re-Amping, Avid Protools LE Interfaces, M-Audio USB Interfaces and many more. Dynaudio Monitoring in Main Studio.
  • Linux: Additionally each cabin is equipped with Ubuntu Linux PC, Masterkeyboard, Monitoring and Audiointerface.
  • Djing: Each cabin and studioJ is equipped with a full state-of-the-art digital DJ set: Win 8.1. Intel Core I5 Notebook Controllers: NI Traktor S2/S8, Z1, F1, X1, Korg Kaossilator and Akai APC40. Livelooping und Beatboxing is done via Helicon Voicelive Touch, live Groovedesign with. Roland SP606 Sampling Groovebox, Korg Electribe. Fricke Analogsequencer. recenty we ugraded each station with NI Maschine and all receiveable Maschine content.
(Changed: 2021-04-30)