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Future Learn

Future Learn

English Courses available on FutureLearn are held on a step by step basis over the course of three to five weeks and provide learners from all over the world with open and easy accessible content. Participants learn by engaging in discussions and receiving instant feedback as part of a global community.

Academic English related courses

Learning English for Academic Purposes:

  • Developing strategies and vocabulary for reading and understanding academic texts.
  • Finding, understanding, describing and evaluating information for academic purposes.
  • Developing active listening and effective note-making skills.
  • Building on language skills to describe problems and cause-and-effect.
  • Producing an academic report by applying the skills learned and engaging in peer-to-peer feedback

A Beginner’s Guide to Writing in English for University Study:

  • Looking at key features of academic writing and developing essay ideas.
  • Analyzing essay structure/organization and different writing styles.
  • Learning how to use academic language for different writing topics.
  • Identifying the different stages of writing an essay and developing a first draft.
  • Evaluating the first draft and reflecting on/responding to feedback

Business English related courses

How to Succeed at: Writing Applications:

  • Analyzing and understanding the different parts of the application process.
  • Learning how to write exceptional applications, CVs/résumés, covering letters and personal statements.
  • Examining own digital footprint and developing a professional online profile.
  • Engaging in discussions, self-reflective exercises and quizzes.

English for the Workplace:

  • Talking about job characteristics, searching and applying for jobs.
  • Preparing for job interviews, talking about skills and experiences and looking at interview techniques.
  • Talking about job offers, rules and regulations at work.
  • Learning how to interact/cooperate with co-workers, team building activities.

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