Scientific director

Prof. Dr. Sascha Schäfer

Technical Director

PD Dr. Erhard Rhiel

Dr. Vita Solovyeva





Price per hour for external users:

SEM Hitachi S-3200N 150,00 €/h
TEM Zeiss EM900N 150,00 €/h
TEM Jeol JEM2100F 440,00 €/h

* exclusive of VAT


Prices for internal and affiliated users by request.

On demand and agreement we further offer help in conventional preparation for scanning and transmission electron microscopy and documentation by light microscopy.


SEM accessories   
12-mm sample holder with glue 0,60 €/pc
25-mm sample holder with glue 2,30 €/pc
SEM box for 12 sample holders 4,50 €/pc
Pt und Au sputtering, (30nm) 4,00€
C sputtering 1/2 fach 2,50/5,00€
Critical point dryer 5,00€
TEM accessories   
TEM Cu grid, 200 mesh 1,60 €/pc
TEM Cu grid, 400 mesh 1,90 €/pc
TEM Cu grid; 200 mesh+Carbon 3,00 €/pc
Glutaraldehyde 25% 0,20 €/ml
Glutaraldehyde 25%,  10ml vial 6,50 €/pc
OsO4, 4%,  2ml vial 26,00 €/pc
Spurr Low Viscosity  Kit 80,00 €
(Changed: 2020-03-19)