Vice Dean for Research

Prof. Dr. Andrea Hildebrandt

+49 (0)441 798-5523

Research Officer

Dr. Beena Punnamoottil

+49 (0)441 798-2142


Postal address

Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg Faculty VI - Medicine and Health Sciences Ammerländer Heerstraße 114-118 26129 Oldenburg

Visiting address

Building V03, 3rd floor, Wing A. Ammerländer Heerstraße 138 26129 Oldenburg

EMS Research Colloquium

EMS Research Colloquium

On behalf of the Vice Dean for Research, it is our pleasure to invite all scientists in the fields of medical and natural sciences to the EMS Research Colloquium.

The colloquium takes place every first Monday of the month from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. during semester months. Details regarding dates, speakers and topics can be found in the list below.

The goal of the EMS Research Colloquium is to promote scientific discussion between the members of the different departments of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, its four cooperation hospitals and the University Medical Center Groningen as our international cooperation partner.

The EMS Research Colloquium offers researchers the opportunity to present their projects to and to discuss their results with a wide range of interested scientists from the fields of the natural and medical sciences, as well as clinicians. It thereby facilitates the creation of new collaborations and the development of ideas for joint research projects.

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 Prof. Dr. Andrea Hildebrandt, Vice Dean of Research

Dates 2023:








06 February 2023

Special Topic Mobile Health (PB mHealth) – Overview of projects within PB mHealth and outlook

Members of special topic PB mHealth



06 March 2023

Special Topic Rare Disease (PB Rare) – Overview of projects within PB Rare and outlook

Members of special topic PB Rare


08 May 2023

Special Topic Oncology (PB Onco) – Overview of projects within PB Onco and outlook

Members of special topic PB Onco


05 June 2023

Ethical Aspects of assistive technologies in eldercare

Prof. Dr. Mark Schweda

Department of Ethics in Medicine, Department of Health Services Research


03 July 2023


Post-COVID Neurocognition


Prof. Dr. Mandy Roheger
Department Ambulatory Assessment in Psychology, Department of Psychology

Prof. Dr. Antje Wulff
Department Big Data, Department of Health Services Research


09 October 2023

Neuromodulation of motor and cognitive functions in healthy and diseased brain

Prof. Dr. Christiane Thiel

DFG Research Training Group. University of Oldenburg


06 November 2023

PhD project status after the first year

Johannes Stalter, Constantin Palm

MD-PhD Program Oldenburg-Groningen, Faculty VI Medicine and Health Sciences


04 December 2023

Hearing Acoustics: Perceptual Principles, Algorithms, and Applications (HAPPAA)

Prof. Dr. Volker Hohmann

Department of Auditory Signal Processing, SFB, Department of Medical Acoustics and Physics

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