Equality measures

Application for support for researchers by student assistants during pregnancy, maternity and parental leave

To apply for support for researchers by student assistants during pregnancy, maternity leave and parental leave, please click HERE.

The School’s equal opportunities team would be very happy to see female student assistants given priority regarding appointment for these equal opportunities measures.
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Promotion of conference participation by researchers and junior researchers

At the initiative of the School's equal opportunities representatives and by decision of the Dean's office on 25/06/2019, it became possible for researchers and junior researchers, including those with clinical activities, to apply once a year for a travel allowance to participate in conferences or organise scientific symposia within the framework of conferences. With a view to increasing the visibility of junior researchers, oral participation in the form of lectures is particularly welcome.Such applications will be funded from the School’s equal opportunities resources.

Applications can be submitted to the School’s equal opportunities representatives at any time. Following a formal review, they will be forwarded in batches to the School’s Research Committee. All the applications submitted will then be discussed and decided on in the next Research Committee meeting. NB: Applications must be submitted before embarking on the journey.

The maximum funding amount is EUR 2,000 per application and is allocated based on the billing of the Travel Expenses Unit. Irrespective of the travel expenses actually incurred, reimbursement will not exceed the allocated amount.As from 01/01/2020, the department the researcher is applying from will generally pay a contribution of 50%. If the department is unable to contribute 50% towards the travel expenses, an exception may be made based on valid grounds provided by the applicant.

(Changed: 30 Sep 2022)